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You don't need a Logo. You need a Visual Strategy.

Want to know the secret behind your competitors polished and consistent visuals? They know their visual brand is more than having fonts, logos & colors. It’s in how to use them as your sharpest tool for creating a personal market space.

Now, see your Visual Strategy as that visual kick that instantly connects your brand with your specific audience to build long-term commitments. An easy to use how-to guide with examples that even your great grandmother could apply while sipping that cup of Earl Grey.


Get a visual identity that allures your audience into an inviting space, telling them: We see you, and got your back. And get smart about how you spend your time (and money) by taking the guesswork out of marketing.

A. Logo


Receive a tailored logo design capturing the essence of your brand. And a complete logo kit with easy applicable variations, vector file types and formats for print and digital use.

B. Fonts


With detailed precision we'll work with appealing font combinations to lift your brand, and show you how to apply it for the greatest impact.

C. Colors


A defined color palette that is custom made to connect with your audience through primary, secondary and UI color palettes. And of course, we'll show you how and when to use your brand colors with examples.

D. Graphics


Learn the simple rules for cropping and choosing your photos. Receive guidelines for how to stay consistent with your icons. And, know how and when to use any layout styles, brand patterns or other graphical elements.

E. Guidelines


Receive your own 20+ page framework that outlines a step-by-step strategy for how and when to use all your visuals.

// how it works

01 Target

Positioning Your Visual Strategy

Visual communication needs a direction; for us, the focus is always the customer. As we begin, we position your visual strategy with in-depth research and find what visual cues make your customers tick. Looking at other actors in your line of business, we’ll lift your company as something unique and innovative, all the while staying true to the core of your brand.

02 Design

Visualizing Your Brand
A logo is so much more than something pretty to look at; it is the defining symbol associated with your brand that will make customers recognize and remember you whenever seen. To give your brand the proper pounce, we use our research along with typefaces, colors and iconic elements that wrap up your unique offer and combine it into an easy and relatable visual package.

03 Guide

Stitching It Together
As we’ve defined your brand in a relatable visual communication, it’s now time to set the rules. With an easy guide on what goes where, you can use your visual strategy to create everything needed to keep your physical and digital material on-brand. Preferable color combinations, text hierarchy and rules of distance will keep every material you produce brand coherent.

04 Brand & Marketing Collateral

The Finishing Touches
No branding is complete without something to show how professional and self-evident your company is. To put the finishing touches we design the collateral to kickstart your marketing. So that the next time you give your business card to a potential customer, you can be assured that your company is presented in a professional and memorable fashion.

Branding Packages

Get a visual identity that allures your audience into an inviting space, telling them: We see you, and got your back.

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Digital Branding
kr 7 200 SEK
Digital Branding
Branding Package
kr 22 800 SEK
Branding Package
Your Investment

Get the kind of standout visual strategy you deserve

Considering how important a visual identity is in portraying your brand and marketing your value, the minimum price of 50k design agencies charge is a no brainer.

For us? Our branding package starts at kr 22 800 SEK + vat, as we have fewer overheads and no big team of junior designers drawing a line each in your logo. We also offer a basic digital branding fr kr 7 800 SEK + vat if you want to start with something smaller.

We plan on offering bigger branding packages in the future, but for now we can deliver you the standout visual strategy tailored for both your company and your pocket.

Connect with us, and we’ll have coffee together and find the solution for your brand.


"Above my expectations, in a subtle and minimalistic way I'm receiving the tools I need for my business"

In honesty I can be a bit sceptical towards receiving help and want to do everything by myself. But the help I am getting from Sara and Daniel at the moment is invaluable!

Coach & Author at Energirikt Liv