Digital Marketing Kickstarter
2-3 week process
Digital Marketing Kickstarter

The basics you need to start showing up consistently and make a bigger impression on Facebook & Instagram with a 30 day startup. We'll uncover your marketing story & design your marketing content plan. To capture your offer in copywriting, design & develop your marketing, and launch your campaign.

Pricing starts at (excl vat)

kr 12 800 SEK
Start a project

Make your next move.

Lift your company to the next level with our marketing moves made for you, and get smart about how you spend your time (and money) by taking the guesswork out of marketing. An effective way to reach new customers is to be seen where your customers are. With the increased need for an online presence today you have, with targeted digital tools, the opportunity to achieve successful results with Facebook Business Manager (Facebook & Instagram Ads).


+ Moodboard

+ Content Strategy

+ Social media profile pictures

+ 1 x Facebook banner

+ About/Bio Copy

+ 60 Relevant Hashtags to Use

+ Choosing Photography Guide

+ Photoedit suggestions for buying or using Filters (in Instagram or Adobe Lightroom)

+ 5 Canva Templates to Use for consistent visuals (Canva is a free Design App for Computer, Tablet & Phone)

*E-mail template in Mailchimp can be added for kr 2 000 SEK (excl. vat)

*Digital Branding can be added for kr 5 000 SEK (excl. vat)


+ PDF Overview for 30 days Posts & Stories

+ 1 x Round of refinements

+ 2 x posts for Facebook & Instagram Feed per week for 30 days (which give you a total of: 8 personalised posts)

+ Content for 1 x video or image ad

+ Set up & management to run your ad for 30 days: optimised weekly for better results

* Budget for running the campaign is of your choice and is not included in the pricing

* Continued monthly handling of Digital Marketing is priced separately.

Always included


With well-selected inspiration we capture the essence of your Brand, and create a Moodboard to set the tone for your Marketing


A simple research analysis to make strategic visual choices positioning your Brand & connecting you to your audience


Framework for how to position your Brand as the expert in your field & deliver high quality content to your people


Design templates to use for creating consistent visuals by yourself

Your Investment

Imagine having a sales funnel set up to not only get people to see you, but to get the right people to act on your offer. Or having your ideal customer pick up your product, sounds good?

We’d love to help you execute your marketing material. With our marketing starting at kr 4 800 SEK + vat, we custom tailor each project to fit your vision and needs.

Connect with us, and we’ll have coffee together and find the solution to your digital needs.


When you have your framework for how to present your brand and stunning website to guide your customers through, it's time to take that extra leap. The leap your competitors might not have had the guts or time to put energy into, that shows your passion all the way out into the details and sale funnels.

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