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Design & Communication

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Palma de Mallorca

Full Stack Designers at Use All Five


At OFF-GRID STUDIO we provide you with the right skills,


through optimizing your design & communication


Our biggest passion is to meet today's trends with creativity & efficiency: to create Design & Communication that anticipate your customers' future needs


With a strategic analysis we structure your potential challenges through Design & Communication; and build sustainable solutions



& giving you the tools to reach your full potential


At Off-Grid Studio we help you see your clients unique needs and expectations; providing you Design & Communication that build trust

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We don't work with Design & Communication

At Off-Grid Studio we build trust, streamline processes & offer our clients sustainable solutions through: Design & Communication

- Sara & Daniel 🅞 Founders of Off-Grid Studio
How we build Design & Communication



We optimize your Brand through applying in-depth research - to challenge generic Design & Communication.



Our design method is all about simplification. We enjoy doing something that is complicated: simple, minimalist & modern.



With the help of the latest technology, we build with efficiency and finesse: to create flexible solutions that can expand as your company grows.



We take an iterative approach to both our work and our practice, and are always looking for ways to improve what we do - so we can continue to offer you high quality.

How may we help your company?

Responsive Design
Digital marketing
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An effective way to reach new customers is to be seen where your customers are. With the increased need for an online presence today you have, with targeted digital tools, the opportunity to achieve successful results with:

- Online Strategy
- Webdesign
- Webdevelopment
- Facebook/Instagram
- Email

concept & Branding
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Generic design and communication that looks good, but does not fulfill its purpose is not our cup of tea. We take every chance to get to know your company and its target group - to create unique narratives & products that bring life to exclusive brands:

- In-depth Research
- Positioning Analysis
- UX Case Study
- Workshops
- Designsystem: Logotype, Typeface, Pattern & Color Palette
- Narrative/Voice

graphic design
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Precision between text, elements & color scheme. Let other elements that are important parts of your communication breathe the message and determination that you have. With coherent communication, you build a secure base for your customers - which builds trust for your brand. Suggestions of materials we create:

- Layout
- Business Card
- Presentation
- Packaging Design
- Event Marketing

copy & content
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A website gets an attention span between 3 and 10 seconds before the user has judged whether the site is of interest, and if the content feels modern & relevant. With short concise texts and well-chosen visual elements, you can optimize your conditions - and improve your results:

- Contentwriting
- Copywriting
- Video
- Photo
- Animation
- Illustration

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Branding I Art Direction I Website I Development I Digital Marketing

A holistic treatment center for your body & mind. As Full Stack Designers we have built Design & Communication from scratch for B2C with online & physical presence elements.

View live site →


Branding I Art Direction I Website I Development

Swedish handmade interior made of sustainable materials. We had the honor to follow Jennifers company as a start-up and provide a solid communication base for her to launch both online & at site.

View live site →

Can we offer you a cup of coffee?
30 min by phone or zoom

In a strategy session we have the opportunity to dive straight into what steps you need to take to build a strategy and reach out.

Suggestional topics:

- How to optimize your already existent communication
- How we can define your concept & make your message clear
- What channels to use to reach your target group in the most effective way

"Meeting new people, listening to your thoughts and visions is so inspiring. After our first meeting we've usually had the pleasure to visualise the future and set clear goals."

Sara Gramstad

Meet the core of Off-Grid Studio

We are a humane Design Studio based in Östersund and a clientele in Palma de Mallorca: a place that makes our hearts pound, where family live, and to which we return regularly.

Our interdisciplinary team works with you to improve, invent and create everything you need. Based on our customers' needs, we have designed a unique design process that provides good results and secure customer relationships.

Sara & Daniel

We are curious about your company, please tell us more

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Why choose a Studio with Holistic Solutions?
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We see your company as a totality and together we develop an airtight concept that carries your brand through all communicative parts: Digital Marketing, Concept & Branding, Graphic Design and Copy & Content.

A combination of design, programming and communication in relation to social psychological theories about how we humans function in interaction with other individuals: give us the opportunity to create unique holistic solutions for our customers.

What does Online Presence mean & how is it relevant for my company?
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Communication is the unique tools your company chooses to use to deliver your message to your specific target audience. In a digital society your products & services are compared to a global market, and your customers keep track.

With a modern and unique Digital Presence as your base, you have the opportunity to take a strong position on the market. A position that ensures that you use all the strengths you have to market your company in the best possible way, and take a competitive position.

We can give you a complete base for Digital Marketing with: Branding, SEO, Online Strategy, Website & Social Media, which works as a virtual place where you build trust with your customers - so that your message spreads quickly.

With coherent communication, you show that you are a part of the modern society: that you want your company to be seen - which makes other people want to follow you wherever you go.

This creates trust with your customer base and builds relationships that generate results - which is a sharp tool for you to use to achieve your goals.

Why hire a Studio to build our Website?
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Today you can find digital tools online where you can create a website for yourself, such as One, Hemsida24, Wordpress, Squarespace & Wix. In these tools it's possible to create nice looking modern websites.

One great disadvantage of this, however, is that all your competitors have access to the same tools - which means that your potential to stand out is significantly smaller. It can also be time consuming to sit and build a website, and maybe this is time you want to invest in something else? For example, building and running your business, or having time to sit in the sun?

We offer you unique Websites, built from scratch, based on a unique positioning strategy developed for your specific concept. We help you solve everything the site requires, integration of different tools and ensure you that the site works correctly with all the underlying technology.

Our goal is to create sustainable communication to give your customers a truly unique user experience. An experience that makes them come back for more.

Important aspects incluced in our Websites:

Responsiveness: Websites individually adapted to different digital devices to enhance the user experience

Dynamic Content: Elements that you can easily update whenever you want with simple tools that give you great freedom

Quick Loading Time: With powerful servers around the world, the websites get optimal loading time & performance

SEO: Complete base for using SEO with compressed elements & code that defines important information

Easy Editing: On Page editing where you can easily edit text and images by clicking on the elements you want to change

Modern elements such as parallax, animation and video integration in the background

I want to take part in the creation of our communication, how do you face this?
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Our customers are often driven entrepreneurs with knowledge in many different areas. This is something we value highly and that is how we create good communication - together with our competent customers.

We have designed efficient processes for our services where our focus is to take in our customers' unique thoughts and needs at important stages. In these stages, we work with you to see how we can communicate your concept in the best possible way to your target group.

With this collaboration, we want you to feel confident that we create communication that breathes your concept and lifts your business - while you can put your energy on other parts of your company.

Why choose Off-Grid Studio?
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Our way of working is modern, efficient & offer you precise complete solutions. With broad competence at the core of each team member, we have the ability to follow your products from idea to result.

In this way, we avoid inefficient division that can cause your message to get lost along the way, as well as wasting time and money that may be required of larger agencies.

We are passionate about delivering quality projects with the right skills, which is an asset for your company: as we are happy to work with consultants from our internal network when front edge expertise is required in specific areas of your project



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Do you have a project in mind that involves other tools?

Contact us and we'll create a unique solution that fit your company

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