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Get the attention, affirmation and sales you deserve

If it feels like you don’t care, neither will your customers. And if you sound confused, they probably will be as well. At Off-Grid, we’ll help you make your message loud and clear, rebuild your website for conversions, and create a visual strategy that stands for consistency in your marketing.

In our one-on-one services, we have one mission— to help you make meaningful connections and get you the attention, recognition and sales you deserve.

Selling sucks. But only when you don't have the right visuals, words and website.

Not an agency.

Our industry gets a bad rap. From disappearing designers to agencies holding customer assets hostage, it’s really hard to know who to trust.

We wanted to create a studio that people actually liked working with. That worked with customers, not against them. So, we opened Off-Grid Studio's (virtual) doors in 2018 with the intent of giving our kinda people a real alternative. We thought...

01 Wouldn't if be great if you had full control?


Surely it’s not too much to ask to be able to manage your own website? To add the pages and content whenever you want? To have the right logos, fonts and graphics you need on tap? We don’t think so.

That’s why once your project is complete, we give you the reigns so you can be the master of your own marketing.

02 Wouldn't if be great if it was simple?


You have enough on your plate already without having to deal with broken plugins, backups and security hacks. And you have better things to do than throw away hours blindly hacking at a brochure or about page.

From messaging to design systems, website platforms and processes, everything we build is thoughtfully created with you in mind—so that it’s easy to use, follow, manage and apply without needing to be a design wizard, tech pro or copywriting extraordinaire.

03 Wouldn't if be great if it was fun?


We get it. The whole rebranding/new website thing is enough to give even the most chilled out person a few fresh greys. That’s why our processes are designed to get all that juicy info out of your head and into a clear plan, so we’re all on the same page.

We also like to handle all our one-on-one projects personally, so the same person chatting to you on the phone is the exact same person actually doing the work.


We’re Sara & Daniel the duo behind Off-Grid Studio, a Branding & Web Design Studio based in Östersund, north of Sweden. We help small businesses to clarify their messaging, define their brand style and build beautiful websites that drive sales.

But you know what really lights us up?

Being a part of your journey to build and grow a business that you're head over heels passionate about.

Most days you’ll find us grabbing a coffee by the lake, nerding out over marketing podcasts and crushing on distinctive brands, intuitive web design and clever copy.

Complementing your project with precision & expertise

Our way of working is modern, efficient & offer you precise complete solutions. With broad competence at our core, we have the ability to follow your products from idea to result. In this way, we avoid inefficient division that can cause your message to get lost along the way, as well as wasting time and money that may be required of larger agencies.

As your company grows & Front Edge Expertise is required in specific areas of your project we collaborate with the Off-Grid Team: Competent Entrepreneurs Acing their Skills

Sara Gramstad

Full Stack Designer - Content Marketing Strategist - UX/UI

Making sure every detail of your project breathes your Brand. Nailing down strategy to see to that your project is User Optimized in every aspect. Always keeping the core of your Brand at heart.

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Daniel Kårén

Motion graphics designer - visual communication Strategist

Holistically seeing to that your visuals are always optimized to tell your Story. One by one, and all together, in every platform and in every print.

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Eric Classon

Marketing Specialist

Acing the area of Google Ads & Facebook Business Manager

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Sara Gärdegård

Photography, Design & Content

Delivering content that moves your audience to act

Grett Studio

Lina Johansson

Copy, Photo & Video

Breathing life into your content to tell your story


Kaith Alelyawi

Video & Photography

Capturing the essence of your brand with alluring visuals

Northern Visuals

Robin Andersson

Video & Photography

Capturing the essence of your brand with alluring visuals

Northern Visuals

Samuel Gramstad

SEO Strategist

Your guru for keywords, ranking and everything Google-related

Our Studio

"Above my expectations, in a subtle and minimalistic way I'm receiving the tools I need for my business"

In honesty I can be a bit sceptical towards receiving help and want to do everything by myself. But the help I am getting from Sara and Daniel at the moment is invaluable!

Coach & Author at Energirikt Liv